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 Today we are going to see a complete tutorial about in which we will learn how to earn bitcoins for free, as well as strategies that will help us to increase our profits.

Currently Bitcoin is the best electronic currency and can be used:

-to make online purchases 

-to exchange it for real money has become one of the most reliable faucets available today.

During the last seven years, the web has been adding more functionalities so that users have several options to get interesting prizes.

The web offers games, lottery, contests, mining, referral program, and even a passive interest system that will make our profits to grow without doing anything.

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable way to get small amounts of Bitcoin for free, I invite you to read on. belongs to the Interglobal Limited Company, founded in 2013 in Belize. Please do not confuse this web with others with a similar name such as Freebitcon, Frebicoin, Freebitoin, Freebitcion, Freebitcoint, and Freebitcin. Main Features

Evaluation:  Excellent  5-Star 

Language: English 

Available Countries: All over the world.

Referral Levels: Consists of 1 referral level.

Payment per referral:

-50% of the Bitcoins generated by our referrals

-0.40% of the bet on the BTC multiplier.

Daily Interest: If you have at least 30,000 satoshis in your balance, you can earn a daily interest of 0.0109589%. Currently, the annual interest is above 4%, which is not bad considering that you don’t have to do anything to get it 

Method of payment: We will be paid by bitcoins in our wallets.

You can use the following wallets :

                  . Coinbase (Spain, USA)

                  . CoinPayments (Worldwide)

Conditions for requesting payment: Minimum 30000 satoshis.

 Payment methods are the following:

. Automatic: Once a week.

. Manual: In less than 24 hours.

. Instantaneous: In 15 minutes.

Contests:  there is a weekly contest where 10 users can win prizes in Bitcoin

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 How to Register in


When registering for we need to have:

Bitcoin address (currently you only need to enter our email address).

E-mail address.


  To register in do it here >>>

If you still don’t have a wallet to create this address or you don’t know how it works, read these three articles:

Coinbase, currently the best online wallet.

Binance, reliable crypto wallet

How the official Bitcoin wallet works

In addition, the advantage of this currency is that it has no restrictions, so you can earn money regardless your country of residence. 

The next step will be to click on the confirmation link that you will receive in your email. Confirm and you will be ready to enter your account and start earning bitcoins ↓

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How FreeBitcoin works

Now, we will see the mode of operation of FreeBitcoin. It is really simple and next we will focus on explaining the different options we have.

 Free BTC

This is the most important menu in which we will be able to earn bitcoins for free. It will allow us to generate free bitcoins every 60 minutes.

We will see the following image

As you can see, it is a series of numbers with their corresponding prizes.

 For example:

If we get any number between 0 and 9885, we will get a prize of 264 satoshis.

If by chance we get the number 10,000, we will win 0.26408916 BTC, which, at the current price, is about 2,900 dollars.

What do we have to do to participate?

 Very simple. We just have to click on the ROLL button and complete the captcha. Once done, we will see our winning number and the corresponding money.

This simple step can be done 24 times a day since the ROLL button resets every hour.

In addition, for every captcha solved we will also win:

2 tickets for the weekly lottery: The lottery draw is held every week and spectacular prizes can be won.            

2  points: The points can be exchanged directly for Bitcoins or for gifts like an iPhone or a Samsung mobile phone

Important: It is best to check the box at the end of the image. ( Play sound when timer runs out (TEST SOUND) This way you will hear a sound warning every time you can fill the captcha again and you will not have to wait for the timer.

Is it possible to take out the number 10,000 in the ROLL?

The chances of the number 10,000 coming up are exactly the same as any other number. Thanks to the “Probably Fair” system (which is also used on other pages), the system is 100% random in each print run.

There is no cheating or deception.

However, it must be made clear that everything is a matter of luck and perseverance.

 In no case is there a chance to get the highest number by bots, scripts and other traps that circulate on the Internet (such as the famous freebitcoin roll 10000 free script scam

Strategy to multiply profits

If you want to know a method to win more satoshis, taking advantage of the reward points in Freebitcoins, please read this article….. 

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 Multiply BTC

This section is basically a game where we are going to bet the bitcoins we have won for free, at double or nothing and also get:

Golden Tickets,

Reward points and

Lottery  tickets

  At the beginning we see that there are 2 buttons

1.- Manual Bet 

With the manual bets we have the possibility to select and modify all the parameters available in each print run. If you look at the previous image, you will notice that in the central part there are five digits that can vary from the numbers 0 to 10,000 

The game is really very simple: it consists of betting if the number that is going to come out in each roll is superior or inferior to the numbers that we will see just below the five digits (in this case 4,750 or 5,250).

 -If we think that the number will be higher than 5,250, we have to press the BET HI button.

-If we think that the number will be lower than 4750, we must press the     BET LO. button

These maximum numbers can suffer modifications depending on the characteristics that we have selected in each bet, since we can change its difficulty (and therefore the probabilities of losing or winning).

Parameters of each manual bet

The parameters we can change manually in each print run are the following:

Bet Amount: Amount we want to bet (the minimum is 1 satoshi).

Win Profit: Profit that we are going to obtain in case we get the roll right.

Bet Odds: Quota of the bets. We can modify the figure from 1,01 to 4.750.

Win Chance: Probability we have of winning the bet. This percentage can vary depending on the figure we have put in “Bet Odds”.

– Jackpot: Along with the basic bet, we have the option (not mandatory) to activate the Jackpot (right column) and opt for more additional prizes if the winning number is 8888.

2.- Auto Bet (automatic bet)

The automatic option is very similar to the previous one, although it introduces some changes that we are going to see next. Basically, what it does is to play repeatedly with the parameters we have previously indicated without having to press the BET HI and BET LO buttons.

 The most significant change can be seen in the central part, where now only the START AUTO-BET button can be seen.

Automatic betting parameters (left column)

Before pressing the central button it is important to set the parameters of our print runs. They are the following:

Max Bet/Win: Maximum bet we are willing to make.

Bet Odds: Quota of each bet. The lower it is, the more chances we have to win

No. of Rolls: Number of rolls we want to run automatically.

– Bet On: Here we can choose all the bets to be  Bet HI or Bet LO  

Stop Betting After: By activating either of these two boxes, bets will be stopped as soon as the set limit of losses or gains has been reached.

Automatic Betting Parameters (right column)

– On Win and On Lose: Modifications of the bets depending on if we are winning or losing.

– Return to base Bet: The bet will always be the same on each roll.

– Increase bet by: Percentage increase that we want to apply to our bet after each spin.

– Change Odds to: Change in the odds we want to apply to each roll.

– On hitting max bet/win: Here we can establish if we want to stop the game completely or go back to the base bet in case we reach the maximum bet we had initially set.


The Multiply BTC section is highly addictive, so I don’t recommend using more than 20% of the profits we have made on the Free BTC section.

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One of the most recent sections is the “Betting” section. Here we have the possibility to bet on different events such as soccer competitions, formula 1, TV series, Bitcoin price predictions, etc..


Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a new section that allows all web users to participate in a lottery where you can win a LAMBORGHINI. car valued at over $ 200,000.

To participate in this draw you must obtain Golden Tickets. 

 You can get them playing in the “Multiply BTC” section or in the “Betting” section”.

For every 500.000 satoshis you play, you will win a golden ticket to participate in this draw. You can also buy these gold tickets for 25000 satoshis. The more tickets you collect, the more chances you have to win.

  This draw is available for six months. Then the winner of the car will be announced 

  Note: You will win a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 with delivery in USA. If the winner wants the car in any other country,they will have to pay the shipping costs and taxes.

 The winner may also choose to receive US $200,000 instead of the car.

The winner must claim his/her prize within 180 days after the draw.

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 Earn BTC

In this section we can earn a 4.08% annual commission of the bitcoins we have in our account. In order to win this commission  we must have at least de amount of 30,000 Satoshis (0.0003 BTC).

  Once we have this amount, it will generate a profit without having to do anything and we can request a withdraw whenever we want,

 These profits come from the mining that Freebitcoin has been doing since 2013.

 It is important to know that the 4.08% profit per year can increase or decrease. According to their FAQ. changes  will be announced 30 days in advance.


Another way to earn money on the website is through the “Lottery” section, where we can participate with the tickets we have been getting in the Free BTC and Multiply BTC sections for free. There is also the option to buy them (1 ticket = 1 satoshi).

The draw is carried out  weekly and there are 10 premiums to be distributed among the winners.

At the bottom  of the image we can check the number of tickets we have and the % of possibilities to get a prize (taking into account the number of tickets in circulation by other users).

It is important to know that the lottery draw is done automatically, that is to say you don’t have to press any button. For example, if you’ve got a total of 10 tickets playing at the Free BTC, you’ll enter directly to participate.


The “Contest” section is another opportunity to earn money with Freebitcoin. We have the possibility to participate in two different contests: “Wagering Contest” (with $21,600 in prizes) and “Referral Contest” (with $10,900 in prizes).

Wagering Contest: Just for having made a bet during the last 30 days, we will already be participating. The 10 users who have made the most bets during the month will be the ones to win the prizes.

Referral Contest: The 10 users whose referrals have placed the most bets during the month will obtain $10,900 in prizes

During the course of the month, we will be able to check both our statistics (bets made by us) and those of our referrals. This way we will have an idea of the probabilities we have of being in the Top 10.

Finally, we will also find some promotional banners in different sizes, very useful to insert it in our blog or in any forum to promote the contest.



The website has a powerful referral system to further increase our profits.  The commissions we will earn will depend on the activity of our referrals in each section of the website as shown in the table below:

As you can see in the table above, the bonuses are really good, so spending a small part of our time on getting some referrals is certainly a good option.

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We can exchange the reward points we earn each time we solve a Captcha.

 We can exchange the reward points both for bitcoins and for different prizes, such as  different Smartphones. However, the most important thing is the following:

We can exchange the reward points for bonuses of up to 1000% with a duration of 24 hours. Every  time we fill in the captcha to win bitcoins, these bitcoins will be multiplied by 1000 obtaining greater earnings.

And we can also exchange them for another bonus of the same duration 24 hours in which during that period of time the reward points we receive for each captcha solved can be increased up to 100%.

These two options are the most interesting ones when creating our strategy to win many more Bitcoins doing the same actions in Freebitcoin


In this section we have a long and extensive dossier where, practically, all the doubts we can have are resolved.


Here we will find everything related to our account  like:

– Our Bitcoin wallet.

– Email address.

– Password.

– Two-factor authentication.

– Disable the lottery.

– Enable or disable other notifications.

The important thing is to disable the lottery, because this way when we solve a captcha instead of giving us 2 tickets for the lottery and other 2 reward points, we are going to get directly 4 reward points.

Knowing that we have low probability to win with the lottery, it will be much more profitable for us to win 4 reward points so that we can use them to activate the BONUSES we have talked about in the Rewards section. 

 Withdraw our Freebitcoin

To withdraw our Freebitcoin winnings, we press the button “WITHDRAW”. Before withdrawing, I recommend you to check if your Withdrawal address is correct. (More >> Profile >>Change Address )

When we click on the Withdraw button, we will have 3 options to withdraw our winnings as shown in the image below:

Auto: They will send our money as soon as the counter at the bottom is finished.

Slow: By choosing this option, you can receive your payment within 6 to 24 hours.

Instant: With this option our payment arrives in 15 or 30 minutes.

 Positive and negative aspects

Like all the sites we use to make money on the Internet, FreeBitcoin also has its good and bad things. Let’s see what they are:

In favor

– Totally free page.

– Payment without problems from 2013.

– Very low and affordable minimum payment.

– Available for all countries.

– Possibility to obtain incredible prizes.


-If we’re not lucky, the profits are very small.

What are rewards points?

Reward points are earned automatically when you play in the Free BTC and Multiply BTC sections. These points can then be exchanged for satoshis (1 point = 1 satoshi) and for some very interesting prizes (cell phones, hardware wallets, Amazon gift cards, etc).

FreeBitcoin Conclusion and Opinions

I believe that Freebitcoin is currently one of the best platforms to win bitcoin without investment, but we have to work a little bit every day

It is also very important to do referral work because we are going to earn 50% of the profits generated by our referrals.

To register in do it here >>>

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