Who we are

 This blog is part of the EverGreen Group and was created to contribute and complement our experience of years of work in the world of internet business, clarifying and simplifying concepts so that thousands of people from all over the world can benefit and have the opportunity to make real gains online.

Our effort is based on:

-Trying to offer the opportunity to find the best businesses to work on the Internet.

-Trying to explain in a clear, simple and honest way how these businesses work and what are the real possibilities of benefits.

What will you find here?


On this blog you will find all kinds of information related to online business and making money on the Internet. The articles you can read on this blog are about sites and businesses that have been thoroughly analyzed and explained in a simple way.

We will share with our readers all kind of ways to make money from home for free. 

You have to know that nothing is easy in the world of online business. If you want to earn a lot of money you have to work hard. Miracles do not exist. Do not expect to find in this blog ways to make money quickly and simply. However, with our explanations and knowledge, everything will be easier and more accessible for all people with or without previous experience in online business.

As you discover all parts that make up EverGreenClix, you will realize that we have updated and trusted information about all sites we will use. You will also check that we will upload proof of payment for all of them, therefore you can see by yourself that you can earn money for free without any risk.

Needless to say, EverGreenClix offers its help for any doubt you may have related to our blog. You can contact us “here”.   

We hope all the information you will see published on this blog can help you and, above all, allow you to generate good profits and to improve your economy from the comfort of your home.

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