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What is it and when to activate it.

Autopay is an option that classic ptc pages have where you rent referrals, and what this function does is to extend the rent for 1 day to all those referrals that click during that day, as long as that referral has 20 or more days of rent remaining. This function has a 15% discount in the extension of the referral’s rent.

But before we go into details, we must also clarify what the daily cost of a referral is.
Each Rented Referral (RR) costs $0.20(example) and lasts 30 days. This means that each referral costs $0.0066 PER DAY. ( dividing the 0.20$ / 30 days).

Then, returning to the auto-pay function:

Ex.1: If you rent a referral for 30 days today, you would have 29 days of rent tomorrow. But if that referral clicks during that day, their rent is extended by 1 day, discounting from your account the daily cost, with a 15% reduction, that is to say, the extension will cost 85% of its real value.

That is: $0.0066 * 85/100 = $0.00561 per day.

What´s more, if the referral turns out to be exceptional and it clicks every day for a month, it would be costing 0.00561$ * 30 days = 0.1683$ (which would be rounded up to 0.17$) and since your rent has been extended every day, your rent would remain at 30 days. Every month you would be saving $0.03. So, when you will have 200 RR in a standard account you will save a lot of money.

Ex. 2: If a referral has 19 days of rent, and clicks during one day, the autopay will not cover their extension and will remain intact until you manually extend their life over 20 days. And that’s what these 7 or 15-day extensions are for.
AutoPay also has other advantages. For example, it filters the very good referrals from the regular ones and the bad ones. This helps you manage your referrals more comfortably since if the referral is constantly watching your ads you don’t have to worry about extending their income since it does it automatically.
When you automatically turn on Autopay this is activated for all your referrals, you can’t decide for yourself which one is activated, the system activates your referrals from all those who have a 20-day rental due date. As for the inferiors will not be activated until actually an extension of the rent.

If you have any doubts or questions, please leave them in the comments.

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