Revenue Shares

Revenue Shares

Tutorial and Strategy

Description and how they work

Revenue Shares is an investment system that is becoming more and more popular when it comes to making money online. The sites that include this investment system are increasing in popularity.

The reason for that is very simple.

  1. The sites that launch these systems get a very important source of funding to make their business grow more easily.
  2. Thousands of users from all over the world can participate in this type of business with very small investments and obtaining good profits.

What are the Revenue Shares?

The main function of an investment system based on Revenue Shares is to distribute the profits obtained among all the users who participate in it.

The money obtained from these investments is used to make different business models grow, usually based on online marketing and advertising. Afterwards, the profits obtained are distributed among the users on a percentage basis depending on their own investment.

Recently, investment in renewable energies is generating very good results and profits.

These profits are:

1. Fixed Earnings: They will always depend on the profits obtained by the company.

In this case the company must have enough financial strength and solvency to offer fixed profits. An honest administrator will offer low and sustainable profits.
If the profits offered are exaggeratedly large, we are not talking about a true Revenue Shares system but about “something else”.

2. Variable Profits: It means that the profits depend on the benefits obtained by the investment. If the investment is successful and gives benefits, everyone wins. If the investment does not give benefits, everyone loses.

Pay attention to the difference between fixed earnings and variable earnings:

Fixed Earnings: depend on the solvency of the company.
Variable Profits: depend on the quality of the investment.

¿Is a Revenue Shares system viable?

The profit-sharing system has been in existence for many years, and accumulated experience tells us that with good management it is possible to run a profitable and sustainable business over time.
This is not only true for PTC sites in particular, but for any type of business.
The honesty and efficiency of the administrator in the management will be essential for the success of the investment.
The two main factors to take into consideration for the business success are:

  • To find investors and customers who believe in your business.
  • To manage in an honest and effective way: The admin must be prepared to manage the investors’ money properly.

Therefore, a business based on Revenue Shares can be perfectly sustainable just as a computer store or a restaurant can be. However, without good management, any business fails.

How to invest in a Revenue Shares system?

The functioning of the pages that offer this type of investment is extremely simple. As a general rule, we will only have to buy a “pack” or advertising package that will offer us a fixed or variable profitability.

In Evergreenclix and EverProfitbux we have several Revenue shares packs with high and sustainable profitability with a high and sustainable profitability.

In addition to the economic benefits, you can get credits or points to promote your sites, businesses, affiliate links, etc., which can give you a very interesting additional income.


We have already seen how Revenue Shares can be a great business alternative that can provide us with interesting benefits in the medium and long term.

Do not get carried away by big profits and huge returns in a short time, they never end well.
Reasonable and sustainable profits over time should be our main objective.
Fraudulent systems are accompanied by a multilevel referral system, which serves as a lure for people who dream of big and easy profits in a short period of time.

EverGreen group (EverGreenclix and Everprofitbux) offers 3 well studied and sustainable Revshares Plans able to generate good and regular profits.
The required investment is very small and designed so that all users can benefit.
Without big investments and without the need to make click, you can get good profits.
All users have three options to choose from:

1. Only PTC: (Membership+ RR+DR+ etc):
– The memberships still have the same cost as we knew so far.
– Refunds follow the PTC rules.
-Revshares cannot be purchased at this option.

2. Revshares only (No RR and DR)
-Three new memberships have been created for Revshares.
-Profits and capital can be withdrawn in these memberships without limits or restrictions.
-No clicking required

3. PTC + Revshares: You can have the 2 options and also the operation of each one independent of the other. Ask by ticket


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