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Expanding our list of sites to win free Bitcoin today we will talk about AdBTC a website valid for everyone.
It’s been online since 2016 and we’re going to win Bitcoin in a very very easy way.

There are 3 different ways to earn bitcoin

  – Watching ads like a PTC

-Surfing automatically

-Surfing manually.

It has a section where you can buy referrals. In this section, we can also see all the statistics

-the last clicks of the user,
-Total user clicks,
-Date of registration
-Total Satoshis it has generated,
-Price of ref.

This way, we can evaluate which of them can be more profitable.

The interesting aspect of this website is that ads are coming out at any time of the day, so if we log in two or three times a day we will see how each time we have different ads with which to earn more bitcoin

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Adbtc banner

AdBTC Main Features

  EvaluationExcellent  5-Star 

Language: English, Spanish, Russian

Available Countries: All over the world.

Referral Levels: Consists of 1 referral level.

Payment per referral

-10% of the Bitcoins generated by our referrals

-5% in advertising expenses

Buy Referrals : Yes, you can buy referrals

Method of payment: We will be paid by bitcoins in our wallets.

You can use the following wallets :

.Coinbase (Spain, USA)

  . CoinPayments (Worldwide)

.Direct payments to: FaucetPay y ExpressCrypto.

.You can use wallet as  Coinbase (España, EEUU) CoinPayments (Worldwide)

.Conditions for requesting payment: min. 33000 Satoshis 

.FaucetPay: min. 4000 satoshis.

.Note: There is no need to watch the advertisements.

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Adbtc banner

How to Register in AdBTC

Registration in AdBTC is very simple, just click on any of the banners you can find in this article and register by entering your email, bitcoin wallet, and password (any password, not the bitcoin wallet), as you can see in the image:

Once registered and before seeing the first ads click on the blue button. You will receive a code in your mail. Put that code in the box that has appeared after pressing the blue button and you can start earning bitcoin.

How Ad works

  There are three methods to earn money with AdBTC.These three methods can be found in the “Earn” button.

1º- Surf Ads:

In this section, there are advertisements that we must see one by one without completing any captcha. These ads do not have adfocus.

2º- AutoSurfing:

Here you only need to click on a single ad. After that, the other available ads will be displayed

3º- Surfing In Active Window:

It is a very similar system to a PTC in which we must do a captcha to validate the ad. These ads must be viewed.

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Adbtc banner

Other functions

Next, we are going to see the most important options that we will find in the AdBTC menu. It is very simple and does not present any difficulty,


•Referral  Link

We will find it by clicking on “Referral Systems”. By clicking on the little cogwheel inside we will see how we get a series of banners of different sizes.

•  Buy Referrals:

To buy referrals, click on “Referral Market” and you will see all the referrals for sale along with their statistics.

• Withdraw

We click on the option “Withdraw” at the top of the menu, and there we have the option to change our bitcoin wallet. We can also add our Payeer account as we can be paid using both methods. These options are available by clicking on “Change” ( blue button).

Once the payment method is configured, you only have to click on the green button to be paid by Bitcoin or on the yellow button to be paid by Payeer.

This way, we conclude the explanation of ¨How adbtc works¨,
a very easy website we can get a big profit with.

To register in do it here >>>


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